FlippArena Summer Battle on 25th to 27th August in Vöcklabruck (ENGLISH)

FlippArena Summer Battle 25th to 27th August 23 (1/200% 3/100% TGP tournaments) 64+ participants

Dear friends of the Silverball, the Vöcklabrucker FlipperSportVerein – FlippArena is organizing its first 3-day pinball event with a total of 4 tournaments.

The Summer Battle takes place in Vornbuch 5, 4840 Vöcklabruck, Austria in the clubhouse FLIPPARENA.

The location is very central and can be reached by car in 2 hours from Vienna, Graz, Innsbruck, Munich and Regensburg.

You can take the train, for example, to Vöcklabruck or Attnang Puchheim and then it will be a 20 min walks to us.

What will we you get

Loads of pinball (50 pieces) and loads of tournament playing and IFPA points.

A tournament with 17 rounds Swiss system and a final of the best 4 on 4 machines is organized daily àso we have 3 tournaments with 100% TGP each.

But the killer is the main tournament, which starts on Saturday and lasts until Sunday, because it achieves 200% TGP. Everyone can start here and after the 1st qualifying round the best 16 advance and everyone else can switch to the side tournament (as described above).

The top 16 play a round robin and 8 of them advance to the final on Sunday.

The 8 who are eliminated can therefore enter the new side tournament on Sunday.

The top 8 then play a double elimination (W5 / L3) on Sunday.

We chose these modes so that everyone gets to play as much as possible.

Please see the attached picture for the schedule

General information:

– 64 Players are planned (depending on the rush, we can expand up to 72).

– We have 50 pinball machines to play on.

And to make sure that we have enough space, the Fun4Four and the kicker as well as darts will be  cleared out for this event. Then we have even more space for seats.

– Since the weather is expected to be nice, we will also set up beer benches outside.


– We offer various pizzas as well as meat loaf and sausages as well as sweets.

– Please let us know if you are interested in the chicken Food Truck again.

There will probably be the following choices again (It depends on how many people here want something, whether he comes or not)

–             Cutlet

–             ½ chicken

–             Veal roast

–             French fries

–             Salad

– Vegetarians or vegans should please contact us in advance, then we can certainly organize something.

Note: We learned about it here. The chicken Food Truck will be there earlier and prepare everything and then, when the time comes, we’ll have lunch à short waiting time


– Everyone who has been with us before knows that the parking spaces are a bit tight for such large events, but at the top of the main road you can stand right next to the forest on the parking strip and then it’s only a few steps to us.


Registration is already open

Please send us the following information by email to info@flipparena.at

  • IFPA number ???
  • Participation days
    • Friday YES / No
    • Saturday YES / No
    • Sunday YES / No
  • Interest in food (chicken cart)
    • Saturday YES / No
    • Sunday YES / No
  • Member
    • FlippArena Vöcklabruck YES / No
    • Flipper-SV YES / No

You can register a maximum of 4 people at once per e-mail, so that e.g. carpools or families get a place together.

Participants for the whole weekend have priority over the 2 day or single day registrations.

Payment up to a maximum of 1 week after registration, otherwise the place will be forfeited and released again. You will receive payment information with the registration confirmation.

You will receive the payment information with a confirmation email for your place.


– The Sunday tournament is used in parallel for the league ranking of the FlipperLiga FlippArena (the intermediate result after 16 rounds will be used for our league ranking)

Here is an takout from the current game list (something can change here)

– STERN PINBALL: Foo Fighter Pro, James Bond Pro, Rush Pro, Godzilla Pro, Mandalorian Pro, Avengers Infinity Quest Pro, Jurassic Park Pro, Deadpool Pro, Star Wars Pro, Led Zeppelin Premium, Turtles Pro, Beatles Gold, Guardians of the Galaxy Pro, Walking Dead Pro, Tron Pro, Star Trek Pro, Jurassic Park Pin, Heavy Metal, 24

– Jersey Jack Pinball: Godfather LE, Toy Story 4 LE, GNR LE, Willy Wonka SE, Dialed in LE

– American Pinball: Galactic Tank Force Deluxe, Legends of Valhalla Deluxe, Hot Wheels, Oktoberfest, Houdini

– Chicago Gaming: MMr LE, MBr LE, AFMr LE, CCr SE

– Spooky Pinball: Scooby Doo CE, Halloween CE, Ultraman CE, Rick and Morty BSE, Alice Cooper

– Exotics: The Big Lebowski (Dutch Pinball), Mafia (Team Pinball), Weird Al’s Museum of Natural Hilarity (P3), Celts (Haggis)

– 2.0 conversion kits: Bride of Pinbot, Funhouse, Whirlwind

– DMD and earlier: CFTBL, Champion Pub, Tommy, Star Wars Data East, Cyclone

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